Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cerulean Poem, or A Hard Poem to Write

how to write about
something hard,
to write about
the smell of the inside of my nostrils,
like vinegar,
or how long i went unnamed.
how to write about my name,
like a mountain curving upwards,
a name that no one reads right
off the page.

how to write about
the hard things
like the coca cola girl
wrapping her belt around my arm,
the coca cola girl as my sapphire fantasy,
coca cola
in shades of blue,
in memories of pools.

how to write about
something hard,
how to not get readdicted
when writing about the addiction.

Erasure ("Writing" by Marguerite Duras)

Solitude was still unknown to me.
It was there.
I understand that.
That might have lasted.

That was one year ago.
One must ask oneself
whether light becomes
the inviolable silence
I always maintain.
Women should not let lovers
hide the love.
I know this,
Wild love
ending here.
(for me) forever.

Total solitude is a book,
echo secret,
deserted Calcutta.
My only true destitute.
We've always known this.

I still can be lost,
alone and free,
forget myself.
And strangest of all